Eurail Regional Pass and How It Saves You Money

  All non-European residents who plan to travel within two or three bordering European countries can use the Eurail Regional Pass. It can be used from four to ten days within a two month period. The Eurail Regional Pass is very flexible and ideal for those individuals with a “loose” itinery and want to come and go at will. It saves money for those tourists traveling long distiances on multiple rail trips.


The countries covered by this pass are offered in various combinations of either two neighboring countries, such as Italy and Spain, or in some cases three countries such as Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Note that Benelux is actually Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and can be purchased paired with Germany to give four countries, albeit small ones!


The Eurail Regional Pass is available in many combinations, and travelers should select the countries they wish to travel on the pass, and then the number of days they want to use it, within a maximum two month period. Prices vary accordingly, but the passes permit unlimited journeys on the chosen dates on all normal scheduled trains operated by the national rail networks in each participating country. However the pass does not cover the Underground or Metro, small private rail companies such as the Jungfraubahn, or the high-speed Eurostar. If you are under the age of 26 you are elgible for a “youth” pass for a lower fare. You would have to travel second class.


A Eurail Regional Pass should be bought before you leave home. Once you arrive at the first rail station, your ticket must be validated at the ticket office. After that, you can hop on any train and just show your pass to the conductor. As the Eurail Regional Pass is a Flexi-pass, dates do not have to be chosen in advance. On the day you wish to travel by train, fill in the date in one of the blank boxes before boarding the train.


Seat reservations are a good idea on busier routes to guarantee a seat and cost a few euros extra. A few tourist routes in the Netherlands and Belgium and most trains in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Sweden require compulsory seat reservations. Timetables will indicate where this is required with an “R”.

Visit Eurail Pass to get more information on the Eurail Regional Pass. If you are planning to travel to Japan in the near future you will need a JP Rail Pass or also know as Japanese Rail Pass. Just click on the highlighted links for more information.

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