Amazing Sites You Will Discover in Nile

Going on Nile Cruise Holidays are exciting and educational experience in one.There are numerous attractions surrounding Egypt and if you plan to visit Nile, in that place alone there are amazing sites that you should not miss.

The adventure you will acquire from Egypt is one that you will remember for a very long time. Being one of the most visited attractions in the world, an unforgettable experience is what you will get from this place.

What you will see surrounding your visit in the Nile Cruises are the witnesses of the beautiful past of this great place. These places play an important part in past of Egypt.

Luxor Temple

Your Nile Cruise Holidays will progress to this structure created by Amenophis III. This area was used for religious purposes, which dates back to the time of Queen Hatshepsut.

Numerous ceremonies took place in this location. This signify the value Egyptian puts in the place. Some of the festivals held here were the feast of the royal jubilee, the Festival of Opet, and the rebirth of the pharaoh were held in this location.

Worshiping inside this temple is something commonly done in Egypt. The immortal part of the pharaoh is revered here. This image presents the magnificence of the pharaoh.

The Valley of the Kings

Once you are done passing through Luxor, your Nile Cruise Holidays will progress to the intriguing Valley of the Kings. This necropolis houses the bodies of past kings of Egypt. It serves as a great monument for the ancient Egyptians. The first pharaoh to be buried here is said to be Thutmosis I .

The valley is divided into two branches. One is in the Eastern part. This is the location where most of the royal tombs are found. On the other end is the western part. The only tombs here are that of Amenhotep III and Ay. Uncovering the mysteries of the Nile Cruises is what makes this trip real fun and entertaining.

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

As you go through the Luxury Nile Cruises, pay your respects to the female pharaoh who lived the longest: Hatshepsut. If you are an enthusiast of the Egyptian history this is one place you should not miss.

Nile Cruise Holidays will take you to learn about one of Egypt’s most successful pharaohs. Her reign is said to be very successful and prosperous. Even at times of hardships, like the war that took place in the beginning of her reign, she was able to conquer it and give her people peace.  Learn more about this powerful woman on your trip.

Traveling along the river will let you in on the lifeblood of Egypt and learn the story it has to tell—the great story of Egypt which lasted as long as its great river, the Nile.

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