How to Find the Best Helicopter Flight Simulator

If you’ve experienced the fun of playing a top-notch helicopter flight simulator, you have to agree that they’re not just a game. They’re a tough, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. Most people are excited by flying, but unless you’re fortunate enough to be a experienced flier and possess your own helicopter, experiencing a high quality flight simulator is the simplest way to get the fantastic joy of flying whenever you desire.

Since there are a lot of flight sims available, some excellent and some pretty bad, it’s important to watch for some elements that make a flight simulator one to spend your time and money on. In this writeup, we’ll cover some of these attributes that you should look out for.


For any helicopter flight sim, the top quality you should seek out is realism. Without being realistic, a flight sim may as well be any other old video game. Accuracy lets you get immersed in the flying action, learn what it takes to be a true flier, and lead you to boost your skills and become a better pilot.

Some of the most important elements that add to accuracy are:

  • Weather
  • Accurate equipment and motion of the helicopter
  • Surroundings
  • Real locales, helipads, and other features

By studying the flight sim synopsis, and scouring forum posts and other summaries regarding each flight sim, you ought to be able to learn whether it’s as accurate as it could be.


Even though playing a flight sim is almost always a great hobby, it can be possible to get bored after you master a certain helicopter, flight path, or level. To avoid getting bored, make sure the flight program you’re investing in has lots of features to keep you involved and having fun. There’s nothing worse than laying out your hard-earned dough on a helicopter flight sim and then mastering every aspect of it in the blink of an eye!

With enough features and choices, you should be able to make a good flight simulator deliver years of fun. Here are a few things you ought to look for regarding extras:

  • Lots of helicopter models to pick from
  • A vast number of different places to fly
  • A variety of flight routes or achievements, if it’s that genre of flight game
  • Frequent updates or extras that deliver more choices and goals to achieve


It seems obvious, but above all, a helicopter simulator ought to be fun and challenging! If it’s too difficult, overly complicated, or just not fun at all, you’re throw up your hands in frustration quickly and not get the most out of the experience.

It’s tricky to figure out if you’ll find a particular game fun before purchase, but as I mentioned before, try looking at the feature list, watching videos, and searching for what other people have said about it. Ask questions in forums or ask enthusiasts who’ve written about the program on forums or other sites what their opinion is. This will help you make an informed decision and get the best out of your helicopter flight simulator.

Now get out there and pick one that’s perfect for you!

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