What To Do In Mauritius – Your questions are Answered

Question: Please advise the type of lodging available for a family traveling to Mauritius on a medium budget?
Answer: Mauritius Holiday Rentals are the best way to visit the island and not only for budget reasons. Most travelers find this a nicer experience while on holidayin Mauritius.

The Mauritius Villa rental format or as the French say, Location Villa Ile Maurice, is both more pleasant,cheaper and nicer for the whole family. Vacationers are always happy with their choice of this sort of holiday.   
These type of rental properties provide the best possible experience at affordable prices and in this day and age it is possible for everybody to have the ability to afford a holiday to Mauritius. 
Question: Is it better to remain right in the town capital or choose a nearby beach spot for our holiday?
Answer: It is doable but probably not recommended to reside in the capital as there are scores of appealing beach resorts found very close to the capital.

The better way is to hire your Location Bungalow Ile Maurice on or close to the very best beach regions after which you can go to the assorted places and towns of your preference.
Question: Are you able to advise the nicest months to travel to Mauritius regarding the climate and facilities offered locally?
Answer: Mauritius is considered to be a year round holiday spot. Everyone has specific preferences concerning just how much they want to either unwind on the beach all day or take part in a number of excursions and these are possible all year round.

The summers are hot, sunny and boiling but through the heat of the day, the island is frequently cooled down by a very agreeable light breeze from the Indian Ocean.

The mild winters are short in length , with cool fresh evenings and early morning light rainfall. 
The busiest and most chaotic Months are December and January in particular throughout the Christmas period. It is also one of the hottest and most humid periods and the island attracts hoards of visitors in vast numbers.
Question: What is the fishing like in Mauritius?
Answer: Fishing in Mauritius is fantastic with diverse types of fish and big game being caught inside and outside the coral barrier surrounding the island.

Red and grey snapper are to be found in the lagoon, while marlin, bonito and tuna are abundant clear of the coral barrier. The international fishing competition held every year is well celebrated and world famous.

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