Traveler’s Confidence in Tarmac Delay Rules

The Department of Transportation has put into effect new rules for airline businesss when a plane is stuck on a tarmac (airport runway) during a long delay, in an effort to protect passengers. These rules were designed to prevent travelers from spending more than 3 hours without food and water while departing or arriving to airports within the US.  Airlines that break these rules could receive a fine of up to $27,500 per passenger.  Bad weather, which is the main cause for delays, is not a valid exempt for airlines under the new rules.

According to airline executives, the new rules could add up to more cancellations. Airlines may be forced to cancel flights as an alternative of delaying them.

For the most part, the new rules will be positive for travelers since now they will be able to go back to the terminal sooner, walk around, and have something to eat or drink. However, there may be situations where travelers will get upset when they get their flight cancelled and there are no later on flights available. In those cases, I think there will be more people sleeping at the airport, or staying in a nearby hotel or alternative lodging.

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