Curacao Climate.

On Monday 1 Nov 2010 the tail of tropical storm Tomas disrupted Curacao. Through the day there had been quick rains and in the night the tough rainwater began. The difficult bad weather continued all night time accompanied by much lightning and loud thunder. Tuesday early morning, 2 Nov 2010 at 9 a.m. there has been 14 hours of continuous bad weather on Curacao. For tourists staying in hotels or one of the a lot of  vacation rentals Curacao, everything was well-arranged for them by their respective homeowners and responsible companies.

Simply because the drainage was not proof to the serious rainfall the reduce areas Brievengat, Biesheuvel, Emmastad, Saliña, Mahaai and Zuikertuintje soon were a 50 percent ft beneath h2o. Vehicles that had been nevertheless on the roads soon came to a halt and a number of vehicles have been swept away by the flowing water and a few cars even stumbled over. In Brievengat a wall along the length of 40 meters collapsed so barrels, tires and wooden planks were dragged on the avenue by the drive of the h2o. Aside from the difficulties that the very difficult and prolonged rainwater gave the bursting of dams exacerbated the previously about circumstances on the island. Lightning and flooding triggered malfunction of electricity in the neighborhoods Julianadorp, Santa Maria, Jongbloed, Cas Cora, Van Engelen, Mahaai and Zeelandia. The mix of darkness and constant heavy rainfall caused fearful hrs for many residents. Authorities asked folks to dwell at household and not go on the streets. Also tourists staying in hotels and vacation rentals Curacao  have been inquired to reside in at all times. To decrease the chance of problems of conversation among proper care providers absolutely everyone was questioned not to use their cellular phones. The emergency companies rushed to improve evacuate people and pull apart vehicles but in the existing chaos that was no straightforward task. Eventually, tropical storm Tomas killed two people. A rescuer was swept away by the drive of the drinking water and didn’t survive. The other person died in the hospital of a heart attack.

Right after the risk had passed, a number of raising routines had been prepared to collect income for the victims. Also, there have been phone calls to donate all kinds of  things (beds, beds, refrigerators, couches, closets, etc.) so that the folks that had been a lot impacted by the storm could be provided with new stuff.

The overall amount of rainwater that got here lower with tropical storm Tomas corresponds with concerning half the annual rainfall on Curacao. On Monday in between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. the Meteorological Program of Curacao measured involving 200 and 265 millimeters rainfall in the east of Curacao. One millimeter represents one liter per square meter. Sunset Heights faced with the most rainfall, 265,6 millimeter. The place of Curacao and the normal routes of storm and depressions in fact rarely affected Curacao by this kind of storms. The latest tropical storms/hurricanes that arrived close to the is have been Joan in 1988, Cesar 1996, Felix in 2007, Omar in 2008 and Tomas in 2010.

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