Mauritius – Tropically Yours

The island of Mauritius can be described as year round vacation spot for both sun worshippers and lovers of nature alike.

Mauritius is a sultry combination of wonderful white beaches and luscious interior, the ideal place for an excellent and fun filled holiday.   
Mauritius is a much cherished and peace loving,cool island making it an interesting vacation destination which has gained in recognition over the years with all the tourists that visit.

Independent tourists are able to select from a wide and varied selection of Mauritius Self Catering villas instead of having to remain in a high-priced and confining hotel.

These villas are relaxed, fully equipped and positioned on the foremost charming sandy beaches.

The Mauritius rental format or Location Ile Maurice is extremely fashionable because it gives freedom, space and privacy at very sensible and fair rates.
There are numerous and magnificent white beaches jotted all around the coastline of this sub tropical island paradise.

The lagoon is clean and safe for swimming as it is sheltered by a coral barrier teaming with fish which you will discover when snorkeling or scuba diving.

There are many lots of remarkable places and day trips are always popular for tourists who want to explore this fascinating island.

For the more active vacationer who really wants to experience the sun in a new way activities such as fishing, diving, golfing, parasailing, kite surfing, nature trails and biking trips.

Mauritians are friendly, hospitable to vacationers plus they speak English, French and the local dialect, Creole, fluently.

So when staying in a Location Villa Ile Maurice as the local people would say, there’s definitely no problem talking with the workers of these villas or with Mauritians when exploring the island.

Imagine returning to a lagoon facing villa to spend the evening on a patio sipping an exotic cocktail followed by a Mauritian meal which has been specially prepared for your enjoyment.

You will at once feel the atmosphere of this lovely destination when you step on board for your flight.

Even the flight crew on board your plane will inform you how pleased they are flying to Mauritius since it is one of their preferred destinations.

It is a well known fact that tourists decide to return to Mauritius every year as it provides alot for families and friends to experience and revel in together.

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