Simon Arrol, a marina consultant, speaks on the subject of the development of marina development in the Dubai.

Simon Arrol, the waterfront development guru, was contacted to understand the impact, if any, that the worldwide recession has had on Dubai. In Dubai, Simon was one of the Directors of Development & operations for the IGYD- Island Global Yachting Dubai, before which he was the Managing Director of Camper & Nicholsons Marinas. Arrol has experience of working in more than 25 countries all around the globe on many complex marina projects and developments.

Of the many marinas in Dubai, the most well known is The Dubai Marina. To develop this man made sea lagoon, 3 kms of dry sand was excavated and the edges were then lined with precast concrete (quay walls).

Like many such initiatives, Dubai Marina is principally a marina development with the water and yachts creating the point of interest, the ambiance, and the added value.

One of Canada most famous architectural firms, HOK designed the project; the first phase was built in 2004, but subsequently the master developer sold the plots and allowed people to develop the plots as per each one own individual designs.

Many folks have criticised the master developer, who no doubt made a profit, as they feel that the Dubai Marina venture has not turned out to be as properly-planned as was possible.

There are numerous berths in the marina because the pontoon berthing are unfold along the length of the lagoon. All the marinas are, nonetheless, managed from the ‘yacht club’ building where the central office is located. A small boatyard has been provided on the extreme end of the project site.

When the whole development is complete it should accommodate greater than one hundred twenty thousand folks in residential towers and villas.

Festival Marina which is part of the Dubai Festival City, a multi-billion dollar multi function development on the banks of Dubai Creek is another instance of the marina design provided by Simon Arrol. Retail outlets and inns are situated all around the periphery of the marina’s round basin of 240m diameter. By placing all of the pontoon berthing in the centre of the basin and access from an secured single gangway, the issue of security and privateness for yachtsmen was addressed. Another advantage of this arrangement is that most of the people and vacationers using the waterfront are in a position to see the panoramic view of the boats within the marina. In order to create the interest and buzz that is noticed at traditional harbours in Europe and North America, the quay walls is used for the berthing of visiting yachts.

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