Karnak Sound and Light Show Nile Cruise Tours

One of the finest tours that anybody can enjoy is to travel the historic and remarkable country of Egypt. It is filled with interesting places that have been able to win against the force of time. There are a lot of means to tour around most of Egypt, but one of the most encouraged is through a Egypt Nile Cruise.

Luxury Cruisers like the MS Sabena Al Kahila Nile Cruise and MS Nile Dolphin Deluxe Cruise are one of the most modern 5 stardeluxe ship that journey throughout all the sites along the River Nile. Aboard the luxury ship you willexperience the greatest service, amenities and facilities while enjoying the greatest of what Egypt has to offer.

Travel to the best of the Nile which includes the tradition and background that surrounds each of the sights that you will be visiting. One of the cities that you will be discovering is the ancient city of Thebes today known as Luxor.

Luxor is home to dozens of historic attractions and one of the most popular as well as the largest temple complex in Egypt. The Karnak Temple Complex is made of of many pylons, courtyards, chapels, and other smaller temples . There are quite a few relief and relics inside the temple that would amaze every person who set foot inside of its walls.

During nighttime the temple stages both an remarkable light and sound show. The goal of the show is to enhance the experience and knowledge of Eygpt’s history. It is amazingly narrated by the pharaohs who added to the construction of the complex.

Stroll along the wonderful temple complex startingat the Avenue of the Sphnix going to the Great Court. second part of the show includes a show where tourists will be seated fronting the sacred lake while the stories about the temple is being narrated.

The MS Diamond Nile Deluxe Ship is one of the cruises that offer tours to the city of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.


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