On A Roll On My Own Harley: Visiting Crete With My Wife

Once upon a time I decided it was time for a holiday. Just an impulsive decision. I bet you know how it goes.You just have to get out and just feel the wind in your face and drive, drive, drive. And so I got on my bike after packing some stuff and before I even thought where I would go, my stuff was packed and the Harley was ready, blinking in the sun.

I always wanted to visit the Boot (Italy) and the land of the ancient gods (Greece), so I decided my bike would take me there. And thus, I headed for the Italian border. Driving through the mountains and environment of Switzerland was great and my old Harley just sounded right when we climbed the Swiss mountains time and time again. Yes, no matter its age, you can always count on the Harley technology to take you anywhere. Harley owners know they can rely on their machine at any time. And thus, my machine took me to the Italian border close to Lake Como.

Italy was different than Switzerland though. When Italians get into a car, you better watch out. When you drive a bike you really have to watch out for the Italian drivers who seem to be on steroids as soon as they get into a car. When we drove to the south, from Milan (where we shortly visited the Duomo) to Rome, we had a ball with those Italian “race car drivers”. But when you drive a Harley in Italy, you definitely experience the admiration from the Italians because you drive such an awesome bike.

From Rome we went to Ancona, where we took the ferry to Greece. We visited Athens (what a city) but it was too hot for us (too humid I should actually say) to really stay there for a while. So we went to Piraeus and took the ferry to Crete. We visited some great cities there, like Chania, Heraklion and a small town called Malia, where a lot of English youngsters were having a wild, wild party.

We saw Crete in all its facets and just kept driving all over the island. And yes, it is stunning. And yes, our Harley Davidsons were the talk of the town everywhere we went. We never saw a similar machine when we drove across the island and everywhere we went, people were waving to us. I really have to mention that: the Greek hospitality is amazing and if you ever have the time, you should take a trip to Greece or one of its beautiful islands.

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