Weekend Deals To Amsterdam – Amsterdam, A Terrific Place To Stay!

If you want to break out for a while and do something different, you can visit the city of Amsterdam, which won’t disappoint you. Amsterdam and The Netherlands offer a lot for the tourist. Amsterdam is one of those cities that simply can not be compared to any other city in the world, so we highly recommend you give it a try. It offers great opportunities for sightseeing and shopping and of course you can sail its many waters.

If you decide to do some shopping in this city that is named after the river Amstel, then you have a lot of possibilities. The whole city is buzzing and has a lot of markets and shopping streets. The biggest shopping area is in the inner city, close to Dam Square and the Royal Palace. But there are a lot of other possibilities as well. Close to the former Heineken Brewery you will find the Albert Cuyp Market for instance, where you can practically buy anything you want. And don’t forget to grab a bit in the thousands of restaurants Amsterdam is famous for. You can eat food from practically every country in the world.

Of course Amsterdam is more than famous for its small canals in the inner city. Here it was where the Golden Age originated and you can still get a taste of the ancient merchants that made this city great. Nowadays you can sail the canals in canal boats, which is a great idea for lovers. Especially in the evenings you will find it very romantic to see the city lights coming from literally everywhere.

The locals do a lot of sports fishing on the river Amstel and “Het IJ,” which splits the city in two main parts: North and South. There are also several big lakes nearby the city which are great for fishing. And when you really like flowers, you should visit De Keukenhof, which is world famous for it wide variety of flowers. It is an open air exposition of what the Dutch are famous for: their flowers. And of course you could visit the nearby city of Alkmaar, which is famous for another Dutch product we all know about: Cheese! Alkmaar has a huge cheese market.

Places to find out about in the city are obviously the countless museums and galleries in which you can find the art of the Dutch masters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. And if you’re not into galleries and museums really, take a canal boat excursion through the countless waterways of the city. It is best to take that tour during the night, so it’s possible to experience the lights of the city center. Amsterdam just has it all.

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