The Temple of Abu Simbel Nile Cruise Day Tours

Tour to the world renowned places of the River of Nile aboard the MS Prestige Emilion River Cruiser or other luxury River Nile cruises . These cruises provide 5 star deluxe accommodation and day travel with guided support to the finest areas along the Nile River course .

Another one of the common stopover when aboard a Nile cruise is the southernmost city of Aswan. This city is home to a lot of points of interest including the famous High Dam and many historic building. Day travels in most of the locations are normally included in the guided travels of a lot Nile River Cruise .

Some miles apart from the city of Aswan further down south is another vital wonder that anybody should never miss. Though usually an alternative journey , it is one of the most visited places in Egypt. An engineering marvel of both ancient and the modern times is the Abu Simbel Temple .

The entire temple was fantastically carved out of the Nubian Mountains hovering over the hand made Lake Nasser . The temple was completely underwater and in great danger by the time the lake was newly completed . But in projects to conserve it the authority , UNESCO and some other concerned societies work for its deliverance.

Currently there are many ways to get to this location . Commonly you can delight in a exclusive vehicle experience from the nearest city, which is Aswan. One more is through a cruise via the Lake Nasser . Just like the MS Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise which travels to and fro some of the astounding areas on the Lake Nasser .

This is also a exclusive place during special dates when selected feasts during October and February lets you delight in normal lights go through the temple. These are the ideal times to see the excellence of the temples in Abu Simbel. Enjoy the best locations of the River Nile as well as further down the Lake Nasser onboard world-class Nile River cruise like the MS Nile Shams River Cruise.

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