National Airport Parking – Everything You Need to Find Out About

Due to perimeter restrictions, flights at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) are only to destinations no farther than 1,250 miles. Nevertheless, nearly 20 million passengers still fly through DCA Airport yearly, a number that’s greater than in most medium-sized airports in the U.S. The good news is: National Airport parking isn’t as problematic as in some other airports of similar size.

Hourly and Daily Parking

There are over 9,400 National Airport parking spaces available at present. About 2,956 are located at the economy parking facility in the south side of the airport. Daily and hourly parking are offered at airport garages A, B, and C. Hourly parking can be quite expensive at $4 per hour, not to exceed $36 daily. However, this is the best parking option for those who have business at the airport and would need to park for 2-3 hours. If you need to park longer, you might want to take a daily parking space at the rate of $20 per day. Of course, you can also park at the economy lot for only $12 per day.

Parking for Disabled Passengers

There are numerous assigned National Airport parking spaces for disabled travelers, conveniently placed close to elevators and shuttle vehicle stops. Cars with disabled persons on board needing parking assistance are encouraged to display their city-issued plates or placards to the uniformed parking assistants, who can also help locate a convenient parking spot in case the assigned bays are already occupied.

Cell Phone Waiting Area

There’s also a DCA cell phone waiting area for those who are picking up someone at the airport. Unattended cars inside the waiting area will be towed and you can only stay for up to 2 hours, but this still trumps wasting fuel cruising around the airport or paying the hourly parking rates at the airport parking stations.

Long Term Parking

If you’re leaving your vehicle at DCA Airport during a long business or vacation trip, daily parking is clearly the most prudent alternative. Of course, just like in any other city, airport-run facilities are always offered at premium prices for their proximity to the terminals. For more economical DCA parking destinations, your best bet would be the outside private parking locations providing highly competitive rates.

Off-Airport Alternatives

Check out the hotel parking services at DCA and you’ll be surprised by the affordable long term options. Courtyard Crystal City (half a mile from the airport) and Sheraton Crystal City Hotel (1.20 miles from the airport), both located on Jefferson Davis Hwy, charge only $8 per day at their parking garages, for instance.

The Obvious Choice

If you’re traveling for 5 days, for example, you’ll be paying $100 at the airport garages, $60 at the economy lot, while only $40 at the hotel parking locations. Factor in the free shuttle transportation that will take you to and pick you up from your terminal when you come back from your trip, the choice for your National Airport parking becomes really obvious.

Reserve Your Parking in Advance

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), being very close to federal government offices including the White House, is comparatively more strict than most other airports, in terms of international access, security procedures, and flight distances. Still, with over 18 million travelers using Reagan annually, National Airport parking can sometimes be a a bit difficult especially during the peak seasons. This can be easily avoided, however: just know your parking alternatives and secure your parking space ahead of time.

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