The Best of Nile Cruises: Aswan’s Elephantine Island

appreciate the best of the Nile River via a deluxe Nile cruise such as the MS Sonesta Star Goddess Luxury River Cruiser . By joining this tour you will get to experience the best views alongside the river’s banks in the Nubian area.

One of the usual stopovers is the city of Aswan where you can visit several places of curiosity which includes the amazing Elephantine Island. Many historians believe that the island obtained its name from the ivory trade through the ancient times. Its location offered it an advantage as it is Egypt’s gates to other parts of the Africa.  Other historians also think that the name came from the shape of the Island, as it is shaped considerably like that of an elephant tusk. Thus the name of Abu or Yabu through the old times meaning elephant.

Currently luxury Nile cruises like the MS Shehrazad Nile Deluxe Cruiser provides tours to experience the remarkable island and all the historic structures that survived through time. It is home to the Aswan Museum where tourists can see many of the relics obtained are kept to protect its condition.

together with the museum tourists will also enjoy a visit to the famed Nilometer, a measuring manual built during the ancient times. This Nilometer measures the water level of the Nile River. Remarkably so is that scientist are able to show the accuracy of this measuring tool.

The island is also home to the Khnum Temple, a potent Egyptian god who was also known as the creator god. Although this temple now lies in ruins it is still a sight to behold.

Enjoy a ride onboard the MS Sabena Al Jamila Deluxe Nile Cruise , one of the many deluxe Nile cruise that tour to Aswan. Get a chance to take pleasure in the best of the islands as well as the rest of the city.

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