Why Not Visit Italy This Year?

Yes, I have seen a lot of the great country of Italy in Europe. Being of Italian descent, I just have to visit the country at least twice a year. I just love to go to Rome and watch ancient history mixed with modern times. But I also like cities like Milano, Modena and the Como Lake area in the north. The country has so much to offer. And then I haven’t mentioned great areas like Tuscany and cities like Venice.

I have seen a lot of the country and the Italian kitchen keeps surprising me every time I visit. The pastas, the salads and the meat, it all tastes great. And of course, no visit to Italy is ever complete without tasting one of the great pizzas. I have tasted them all and they never bore me (and thus, I always gain a few kilos when I am there, unfortunately).

Rome and its history is something I never forget. The city breaths history 24 hours a day. It doesn’t really matter what part of the city you visit, you just can’t get enough of places like the Coliseum and the cathedrals.

Venice is one of my favorite locations. I mean, it is simply stunning when you travel through the city by gondola. The buildings are old but beautiful and when you need a short break, Venice is the place to visit with your loved ones.

The tower of Pisa is classic. When you stand in front of it, you wonder why it is not falling over. You should definitely climb its stairs when you visit and watch Pisa from the roof top. The view is stunning. Every single year, the city is packed with tourists who can’t resist entering the structure and climb its strange chairs. I can guarantee you, when you reach the top, you will be out of breath.

Of course, Italy is famous for its many soccer clubs, and Milano has two that are always competing at the highest of levels: AC Milan and Inter Milan. They both play the fantastic San Siro stadium, which is also used to host concerts of big rock bands like U2 and the like.

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