A Journey to Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is rapidly climbing the the ratings for places to see in Europe. In recentit has beenvoted one of Northern Europe’s top travel destinations along with Barcelona, London and Rome.

the whole city is filled with activities and great place to visit for weekend or short breaks. One of the best things about Rotterdam is that it has a wide range of attractions to that are perfect for all ages. Travellers can enjoy tours around the city in real Dutch style, as regular trams go round the hot spots of the city. People can also to take a Spido trip the beautiful rivers of Rotterdam.

people can also to take a trip to see the tallest lookout tower in the whole of the Netherlands along with the famous cube houses, Europe’s Walk of Fame and the Maeslant Storm Barrier. If you have small children a warm kids pool called Tropicana, that is loaded with crazy flumes and exciting water rapids to make sure they have loads of fun.

If you want one day trips the historical tram and the Spido seem to be winning the popularity vote with travellers. The great historical tram travels a very scenic route, passing all the major attractions of the city. The tram itself has a number of spots located around the city where tourists can board and take a good seat for the tour. Along the way passengers will most definitely see the Erasmus bridge, the Feyenoord Stadium, the Spido, the City Hall, the Cube Houses, the Museumpark, Central Station, the Euromast, the historic Delfshaven and many more fascinating sights.

What many people usually do when taking the historical tram is to stop off when they want to explore something, have a look around, take some picture or get some food, and then once the next tram arrives, they get straight back on board and carry on to the next place. Every 45 minutes there will be another tram making sure to make the best out of all the things to see.

The tram is a great and exciting way to check out the city. With its 1930’s feel its gives the tour a real sense of authenticity, as it makes its way past all the beautiful architecture Rotterdam has on offer.

For the more adventurous traveller there is the are able to get on a boat to check out Rotterdam – namely the Spido. This is one of the largest attractions Rotterdam has, as huge ultramodern ships take to the waters and stream past one of the biggest ports in the world. The tour lasts 75 minutes allows passengers to see the dock, docks as well as the hypermodern transhipping of thousands of containers. Yet for those who really want to explore the international port of Rotterdam its highly recommendable that you take the extended harbour tour of 2 hours and 15 minutes, go round all the harbour and allow for pictures and sightseeing.

To fully enjoy Rotterdam it is highly recommendable to stay in one of the short stay Rotterdam apartments for the length of your trip. For more information on this event visit Rotterdam city guide for full information on daytrips and fun filled excursions. 

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