Rotterdam, Le Grand Départ: Tour de France.

Tour de France 2010 was set in order to start in Rotterdam and the 2010 theme was tied in with the historically stimulating race was ‘New Energy’. This established a global assemblage for Tour De France as it reached out in order to mix in with not only young people and persons with a furor for good condition and exercise, but also environmentalists, as the spirit behind the “Le Tour” Rotterdam theme was specially aimed at promoting new ways of energy both from within the body and the environment.

The event itself was filled with nice things to do throughout those few days, as spectators and holiday makers found the city in order to be filled with sensational architecture, exiting activities and breathtaking scenery that catered for every age group, couples and families alike.

The agenda items before the start of the “Le Tour” Rotterdam were that on Thursday 1st July the city saw all the competing cyclists along with their teams make their way into Rotterdam. The following day, Friday 2nd July would see the orifice of all the activities that join Tour De France Rotterdam. These activities were perfect for quick cyclists or people who wanted to find out more about bicycling, as they featured cycling clinics, time track areas wherever people could race against one another, bike repair shops which taught all the fundamentals a cyclists should to know about how to uphold their bike, and other exciting chances that all closely releated to the Tour De France Rotterdam.

Saturday 3rd July saw the opening of the nail-biting prologue. This was regarded as the second most important race of the Tour De France Rotterdam as it saw individual cyclists competing for the notable yellow shirt. The race route was about nine kilometers long and covered the ground from the Dordtselaan all the way up to the splendor of the Erasmus Bridge. The cycling contest itself was long and straight however a strong resisting wind that seemed to linger over the bridges, made sure that the cyclists had their work cut out for them. The race also allowed television broadcasters and other various media groups in order to capture the most brilliant parts of Rotterdam as they followed the cyclists over glimmering bridges and a sea of beautiful architecture, as well as going through the faces of the thousands of spectators.  

Then on Sunday 4th July the “Le Tour” Rotterdam begun at the city’s Erasmus Bridge. In 2010 saw the ninety seventh edition of the “Le Tour” as Europe braced itself for the difficult and long-suffering race ahead. Once the cyclist were off they headed towards the area of Zeeland that would then carry them over into Brussels, Belgium.           

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