Learning About Aswan Through Nile Cruises

Aswan is the southernmost city in Egypt. It is commonly the start place or end place of a cruise tour. Aswan is onegreat example of an ancient and current city in contrast. In this city you can uncover many ancient temples and buildings and at the identical time a current development that is an engineering feat even up to these days.


One of the best ways to go and see Aswan is by enjoying the MY Mirage I Nile Luxury Ship that normally gets going or stops itstravel in this city. There are several sites that you can enjoy in this city, starting with the ancient ones.


One the many stops by a Nile River cruise like the MS Sabina Al Kahila Nile Luxury Ship are the historical sites in Aswan. A excellent instance is the Granite Quarries and the Unfinished Obelisk inside of it. These granite quarries are the source of most of construction materials used during the historic constructions sites in Egypt.


Usual stopover by another cruise like the MS Nile Shams is the Elephantine Island where you can visit the Aswan Museum as well as the Temple of Philae . The Temple of Philae is an importanthistorical temple that was moved from its primary location due to therising waters of the Lake Nasser.


Additionally for the current sites that you can enjoy in Aswan, there is the Aswan Dam, built in the 1960s to supply more energy for the country. In the process of making the dam, a enormous reservoir was also designed thus endangering the many ancient sites within its immediate surroundings.


There are a lot of other locations in Aswan City, but the ones posted here are the one of the finest sites that you canappreciate when in this city via a Nile Cruise .



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