The Unfinished Obelisk Nile Cruises Best Sites

In all of Egypt, you will get to see many obelisks , one of the most typical characteristics in Egyptian architecture. These obelisks are one of the most beautiful characteristics in the historic Egyptian construction. And one of the ideal ways to go and view these constructions is by experiencing a cruise like the MS Queen TiYi  Deluxe Nile Cruiser .

These obelisks are minimized in a very special way with unique tales engraved into its sides portraying the life and encounters then. The southernmost city of Aswan, a typical stopover of the MS Sonesta St. George Luxury Nile River Cruise Liner , is the supply of the most number of granites used for the historic building.

The granite discovered in this Nubian area is the sturdiest and best used for the construction of structures. These are quarried and relocated to other parts of Egypt through the Egypt Nile.

Today the city of Aswan is home to the authentic quarries for the granite used some 300 to 400 centuries ago. One of the best locations to enjoy inside the city is these quarries wherein you can also discover the unfinished obelisk. This obelisk lies on this site, a enormous construction that was never completed.

It would have been one of the biggest in the world if it had been completed. Considered to have been made for the Karnak Temple in the ancient city of Thebes, development was ended due to several cracks found inside of the obelisk.

One of the best means to visit and see the granite quarries and the unfulfilled obelisk is through a river cruise, just like the MS Shehrazad Luxury Nile Ship Liner .  By Touring on a Nile cruise you can enjoy some of the greatest sites along the southern part of the Nile river without having to be concerned of anything more.


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