Travel fantasy and whimsy is art center theme


The Center’s latest monthly theme—Planes, Trains and Automobiles—is sure to appeal to the entire family and features the work of 6 Florida artists: Paul Arsenault; Paul Hambleton; Chris Jenkins; Jo-Ann Lizio; Richard Moore; and Brewster Moseley.

Their art ranges from large-scale pieces incorporating found objects to more traditional approaches to whimsical toys. The exhibit will run through February 27th.

Contemporary impressionist Paul Arsenault, a Naples “native” for at least 40 years, is known for his rich, colorful palette and his interest in the history of the Florida area, evident in his depiction of the Naples Train Depot or a Seminole Indian observing the launch of a Space Shuttle.

Former Air Force pilot and current pilot for American Airlines Paul Hambleton, paints the skies from his perspective, an “in the cockpit” view of the wild blue yonder. Hold onto your seatbelts or, in this case, harness for the ride of a lifetime.

Chris Jenkins from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, knows trains and is adept at capturing them on canvas, and a sense of motion, using traditional drawing and oil painting techniques.

Car aficionados will love the work of Brewster Moseley who specializes in photographing old junkers, their hood ornaments, custom grilles and car medallions.

Naples artist Jo-Ann Lizio, apparently another junk yard scavenger, incorporates airplane parts into her large-scale art. One of her paintings actually includes a piece of the Enola Gay–the B29 used to deliver the atomic bomb–autographed by the pilot Colonel Paul Tibbets.

Richard Moore, who hails from Gainsville, adds a little bit of whimsy to the exhibit. His toys, which he calls “kinetic art objects,” can be pulled, pushed, even flapped up and down. But be gentle. Despite their billing, these toys are definitely not for kids.

Several other individuals have helped to make this exhibit an exciting one. Marco Islander Malcolm Newbourne, who owned a trucking firm before retiring, loaned the Center his personal collection of one-of-kind, original paintings, all dealing with transportation.

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