Sekaa in Subak

Subak inside issues are dealt using by the pekaseh, the subak head who is democratically elected by all users of the subak. He is responsible to skip the watering administration interior the subak place, to routine cultivation cycles and to organise subak ceremonies. He is rooted in several assistants, such as the vice subak head (petajuh), the secretary (penyarikan), the treasurer (petengen or juru raksa), the messenger (kasinoman), specific helper (saye) and the minds of the sub-subak groups. Bigger subak are split into sub-teams, known as munduk. Munduk may possibly possess a individual inlt from the subak predominant canal. A munduk typically incorporates a median of 20 to 40 farmers. Ref: Bali Villas

Every single munduk is going by a pengliman who gets steer orders from the pekaseh and is responsible for all concerns associated to the munduk. As a sub-group of the subak, the munduk has to comply using the subak guidelines and regulations. Still, sure organisational and h2o management factors could be determined autonomously as a munduk level. The munduk is a crucial dimension throughout the subak. Day-to-day cultivation choices are produced on this degree and provide the tremendous-tuning of the subak drinking water and produce administration – not at all occasions following the subak legal guidelines by performing doing so. The link in between subak and munduk is to facilitate high straight down and backside up info flow. Ref: Bali Villas

Associates of subak furthermore class an informal organization team which is known as sekaa, with the intention to make alleviate a sure targeting exercise as a rice place by hitting collectively on a certain place and certain activity. For illustrations: sekaa numbeg (for property cultivation), sekaa jelinjingan (for drinking water tunl maintenance), sekaa sambang (for water and pest surveillance), sekaa mamulih (for seed plantation), sekaa majukut (for starts surveillance), sekaa manyi (for gather work), sekaa bleseng (for transporting paddy to the barn). These sekaa may recruit professionals outdoors subak members. The code of do the job in these sekaa is easy, ‘I scratch yours you scratch mine.’ Ref: Villas in Bali

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