Visiting Hong Kong

★ Owing to the Basic Law, doing so city consumes the Hong Kong greenback as currency. It is not valid in other Chinese areas. The Renminbi, that is the Chinese currency, cannot be applied for trade in Hong Kong, besides at a couple of places.
★ The word ‘Hong Kong’ relates to Scented Harbor, with the official title for the metropolis becoming Hong Kong Special Administrative Province or basically Hong Kong SAR.
★ Cantonese and English are the formal languages of doing so city, however you may discover people not that good at English.

★ You will be surprised to perceive that autos in Hong Kong are pushed as a still left side, whereas individuals in China on the right.

★ As per a 2010 survey, on 7,055,000 individuals are living in Hong Kong, in merely 426 sq miles.
★ According to Hong Kong culture and beliefs, if lengthy noodles are eaten on one’s birthday, he life lengthier. 
★ People and entrepreneurs in the city are sturdy believers of Feng Shui.
★ A funeral ceremony includes burning of issues that are considered to improve the deceased in their lifestyle once death.
★ There is an yearly bun festival held in Cheung Chau Island separating April and May to satisfy the happy spirits which individuals take into account to be wandering approximately the island.
★ Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan happen from Hong Kong.
★ With over 8000 structures that are over 14 flooring high, the metropolis is considered as one using the most skyscrapers.

★ Also though it is a city, it is believed to be the eleventh biggest trading economy in the world, with a majority of trade being carried out with mainland China.
★ The Hong Kong SAR comprises various regions likewise; such as the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Is, and miscellaneous iss. It includes the Victoria Harbour, which is one of the most attractive harbors in the world.

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