The Advantages of Gas Lighter for Open-Air Activities

A lighter can be used for either indoor or outdoor activities. Since indoor activities are mainly restricted to lighting the stove, the gas lighter can be used for outdoor activities that can be many like starting a camp fire or igniting a barbeque.  


It is a real pity that many don’t fully utilize the value of a lighter and don’t fully utilize this wonderful item . The main thing that comes to mind for many adults is to utilize the lighter for starting cigarettes. However, sadly they don’t understand that it can be used for other purposes also like starting a camp fire or barbeque outside the house. Here is where you need to think from outside the box.


Working Of A Lighter


To start with it is better to know how a gas lighter works. Lighters have crystal substances in them that give out a piezoelectric effect when pressurized . When these crystalline materials are pressurized, they give out sparks that can light a fire. It is same when having to rubbing stones vigorously like how man used to do many centuries ago to start fire. This is a similar thing expect that it is being used in a easier manner.


You would have also noticed that a cheap disposable gas lighter come with liquid gas like butane. These lighters give you the distinct advantage of its ability of being reused. Once the liquid gas becomes over, all you need to do is refill the gas back into the lighter and you are done. This is one of the main reasons why the disposable gas lighter has become so popular with the individuals.


Benefits Of Utilizing A Gas Lighter For Outdoor Activities


It Is Cost Effective : The main reason why many adults like to utilize the disposable lighter is because it is cheap. It comes for a lesser price when compared to costly lighters that come at a very high price . Is it worth putting away your hard earned money on costly lighters when you have a gas lighter at hand? The money that you save can be taken for other things.


Safety : Another reason why many people like to have a gas lighter is because it is safe to have. When creating a camp fire or barbeque, all you need to do is start it with the lighter utilizing the high flame. This is a better option when compared to use a match stick where you risk accidentally burning your fingers or having an accident. It is always ideal to utilize a gas lighter in this situation .


Easy To Discard : A gas lighter can be easily put off. Imagine using match sticks for starting your stove or barbeque. You will have to discard it of safely in a basket or bucket to avoid any fire accidents. You also have the option to either throw off the lighter once the gas gets nil from it.


You might be also interested to learn that in Taiwan, Korea & Japan whereby 70% of the lighters are for promotional basic in pub, restaurant and entertainment outlets, only 30% for the lighters been sold via outlet like retails, convenience stores and mini-market.  


It becomes very clear to everyone that a lighter has many benefits of being used for outdoor activities. It comes cheap, safe to use, and easy to dispose. These benefits make the gas lighter  the best choice to use for outdoor activities. 

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