The coziest airports


Changi airport has no cost mobile or portable telephone charging, organic tours of the city, burglar alarm clocks on the chairs so you do not miss the airline flight, a swimming pool, health plant, substantial flower arrangements, a particular napping corner, and free films. One may say it is a rather cool place to live in, better also than a lot peoples’ homes! As an added value, the airport is shining clear (doing so say was achieved and has since been preserved by considerable troops of maintenance staff) and very calm and quiet. If you need to adjust airplanes on the journey, take into account Changi the greatest ready and sleeping choice.


The Auckland airport is comparatively small, that makes the atmosphere a sort of cosy. The reason? Few bulletins, movable chairs and benches, relaxing couches, showers, mini-theatre using lounge chairs. Additionally, the staff is nice and ready to help. There is one con however – there are really small flight bulletins, so you greater deliver the own throw into a blue funk clock.


The airport is really great once you blow past the pre-check-in location – do not spend the time here, because the grass really IS envirnmental on the other side. Once you are in the transit area, comfortable chairs, clear toilets and showers, world-wide-web entry and also a master area so your kids do not get bored. Investing 60 minutes or two is OK, but we may advise booking a resort in claim you do live in a single day – the Safety is uncompromising and will wake you up each and every now and afterwards if these folks uncover you suspicious or unsuitable.


The new Athens airport has the air of luxurious – from outside and from the inside. In comparison to the other Western airports (let’s mention e.g. the very expensive, considerably anticipated and even far more hated Charles de Gaulle in Paris), Athens provide great and tidy environs using easy seats, web and clean showers. The “cleansing crew” is quite vast on this airport and it is possible to often see them run nearly sweeping and cleaning – a good enroll definitely!

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