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The national airline of the Cayman Islands is Cayman Airways, and it will fly you to the beautiful spot in the Caribbean, consisting of three small islands. The Cayman Islands is not the only destination in the Caribbean that Cayman Airways flies to, but other nearby places as well. This is an airline you may want to consider if you’re planning a vacation or business trip to this part of the world.

Cayman Airways publishes its own magazine, Cayman Airways Skies, and this can inform you about news and happenings concerning the airline and the Cayman Islands. If you ever take a flight with the airline, you’ll see the magazine, but you can also find it online. Here you’ll find material pertaining to popular culture such as movies, TV and music, as well as tidbits about Cayman Airways and the places it flies to. If you’re planning a trip to the Caymans, you should try to learn as much about them as possible, and Cayman Airways Skies can help to educate you in this area.

Every year in January, the Cayman Islands host the famous Taste of Cayman Food and Wine Festival, which may be a good time for you to plan your visit.

If you had attended the latest festival, you could have stopped by the Cayman Airways booth and tried some of their popular rum punch, which is also served on many of their flights. For lovers of food and wine, this festival is a great experience, and it also has plenty of music and other entertainment and kids’ events. The Taste of Cayman Food and Wine Festival is something to keep in mind, especially since its held during a time of year when many people like to visit warm places anyway.

Little Cayman is the island in the Caymans that can give you some of the feeling of having your own private island. Little Cayman is not quite uninhabited, but compared to almost anywhere else you’re likely to visit, it’s pretty close. If you appreciate natural beauty and animal life, you’ll love this island, which has lots of seabirds (especially Red-Footed Booby) and iguanas, among many other species. Bloody Bay Marine Park is another attraction you’ll find on Little Cayman, and this is especially appealing to divers, with its steep coral wall. If you want to get from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman, you can catch a quick flight with Cayman Airways. In summary, Cayman Airways is an airline that can take you to some of the most breathtaking Caribbean destinations in the world. The Cayman Islands sound tropical and distant; but they are closer than you might think. In fact, if you were to take a Cayman Airways flight from Miami to Grand Cayman, it would only take you a little more than an hour to get there, so you’re closer than you think!

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