Hotels with unusual designs

Houses on top of Each Other

The Inntel Hotel in The Netherlands

The Dutch metropolis of Zaandam is residence to a resort which seems enjoy a pile of houses. Developed by Delft business WAM Architecten, the Inntel Resort is 40 meters high and has 11 floors. The 160-room hotel consists of overlapping inexperienced wooden façades common of standard houses in the region.

Hamster Hotel in France
An 18th century making in the People from france metropolis of Nantes hides a distinctive suite named the “Hamster Villa”. The visitors of the Hamster Hotel can glimpse forward to delicious hamster grain, refreshing exercise in a large wheel and relaxing hay stacks instead of a bed. The suite was intended by two architects who run a manufacturer which rents out unusual places to adventure-seekers.

Cars, Vehicles, Automobiles

V8 Hotel in Germany

Stuttgart in Germany is not only an worldwide middle of car dealers. It is also house to the V8 Hotel, a car-themed hotel. All suites and beds are made from a variety of vehicles. The visitors can as a result sleep in everything from a Morris Small to a Mercedes and enjoy the ‘ride on of a lifetime’.

Sleeping in Garbage?

Corona Save the Beach Hotel in Italy

In 2010 Italian Rome saw the introduction of the initially resort produced absolutely from garbage. The hotel Corona Save the Beach Hotel was intended by performer HA Schult who utilized 12 tons of trash to build a construct featuring five rooms and a party day desk. The rubbish was gathered from beaches all nearly Europe and the function of making this kind of a resort was to elevate awareness of mounting pollution.

THE Greatest Image Developing Resort

Tianzi Hotel in China

The Tianzi Hotel in the Chinese language village of Langfang in Hebei province strikes the guests at first sight. The ten-story resort have any idea additionally as The Emperor Hotel and Son of Heaven Resort was designed in 2000 and depicts 3 gods – Fu, God of riches, Lu, God of prosperity, and Shou, God of longevity. The resort made it also to the Guinness World Records as ‘the main image creating’.

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