What You Should Know About Your Tours of Egypt

Egypt is a magical country; land of the pyramids, pharaohs, the Nile River, minarets and the first powerful, well-known civilizations. It is virtually impossible to imagine that it is easy to see all that it has to offer when you choose your tours of Egypt, but it is certainly worth a try.

The official title of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. This wonderful nation is located in north-eastern Africa and is bordered by Jordan, Libya, Israel, Sudan and the Gaza Strip. Its biggest city and capital is Cairo. Egypt borders over 997,000 sq. kilometers of the African continent and has an estimated number of 81 million inhabitants.

Going There

Going to Egypt is pretty simple. A large component of their economy is tourism and making it tough to enter the region would certainly affect their tourism. Probable visitors that are thinking of tours of Egypt should know that visas may be obtained upon arrival at the airport or bank office.


The formal language of Egypt is Arabic. A lot of natives, though, speak what is regarded as as “Egyptian Arabic”; Egyptian Arabic is the native dialect. However, in schools and in various formal settings, the accepted form of Arabic is the Regular Arabic.

Egyptians are popular for their curiosity of foreign languages. There are many Egyptians that converse in English in addition to Arabic. Additionally, due to the overwhelming number of visitors who arrive in Egypt from Europe, you may discover that many Egyptians also speak in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Russian has also become an increasingly preferred language to practice because, again, there are a big population of Russian tourists going to Egypt- particularly in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.


The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound, written as LE- which is French for “livre egyptienne” (Egyptian pound). When written in numbers, the Egyptian pound indicator can be found ahead of the numerals £. Many major lodging places receive U.S. green bucks. There are also a lot of various ATM’s good for use to receive Egyptian currency.


When shopping in Egypt, if you are at a marketplace or purchasing things from a road vendor, bartering is absolutely acceptable; it is even encouraged. The reason for this is that price ranges are often marked up for visitors. Egypt’s products are thought of to be really reasonably priced and depending on the kinds of lodging places that you desire to stay into, you are capable of getting by in Egypt for just $20 USD per day.

Whatever you plan to shop for, whether it be souvenirs or trinkets… Whether you are in the market for bargains or higher-end merchandise- there is surely options for you to buy once you choose your tours of Egypt. There are a great deal of souvenirs and items available for visitors in Egypt. There are also a huge number of designer label shops available to shoppers at most of the malls in Cairo. Some of these brands include Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Guess among others.


One cannot shop without excellent weather, right? Normally, winters are quite temperate and summers are naturally) hot and very dry. The best part? You would pretty much never carry around a raincoat as it barely rains.


Obedient to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a essential Muslim holiday. In the course of Ramadan, Muslims fast daily, for 30 days. Even if you may not be a Muslim yourself, it would very much appreciated when tourists do not eat, drink or smoke cigarettes in public.

Places Worth Checking Out

Deserts Galore

It has been said that Egypt is a “gift of the Nile,” as the land around the Nile are quite fertile and favorable to the development of crops. When planning to choose your tours of Egypt, it is important to understand that Egypt, in its entirety, is not fertile. As a matter of fact, Egypt is covered by 95% desert land and is a continuation of the Sahara Desert.

Do not be deterred, however, since the desert land is actually spectacular in itself and its vastness may truly overwhelm you when you are able to see it in person.

Fun factoid: The Desert is one of the cleanest places you would ever go to. There are no bugs and the sand is so clean it may be utilized as an antiseptic! The sand in the desert is clean and bacteria free.

Quite a few tourists go on desert tours when they choose their tours of Egypt. Desert tours are available in various increments-

– short guided tours, that can last for 3 days

– lengthy tours, which can last in between 4 days to a week

– and Desert excursions. Desert excursions are your best bet if you are into seeing everything the desert has to offer. These can last anywhere between 10 to 21 days.

And there is a good number of things to discover in the desert such as sand dunes- ideal for sand sailing, sand surfing and going to caves.

By Sea

It is possible to take Egypt by land and also by sea! No tours of Egypt are complete if you don’t check out the sea…and there are endless possibilities! The Red Sea has beautiful, crystal clear water and an amazing coral reef for you to discover. If you are into snorkeling, there is a plethora of animals under the sea to explore including: putter fish, barracuda, tuna, unicorn fish, trunkfish and more! Oh and yes, there are sharks too! There are 44 various documented species of sharks that might be seen in the Red Sea.


Situated in then distant regions of Egypt, there are 7 oases in the Western Desert that one can choose to go to once you choose your tours of Egypt. An oasis is a confined area in the desert where there is vegetation, which is able to grow because of the oasis’ proximity to a water supply (either a spring or other supply of water). An oasis can be inhabited by wildlife and in the case of the Egytian oases, communities.

These oases include:

– Siwa Oasis

– Bahariya Oasis

– Karga Oasis

– Dakhla Oasis and

– Farafra Oasis


When you choose your tours of Egypt, you will surely want to go to Luxor. Populated by around 480,000 people, Luxor houses burial chambers, monuments and other items of Egyptian history.

Squeezing all there is to understand about Egypt into one piece is almost impossible. Do your research, choose a time to visit and Go! You will surely not be disappointed.

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