Part II What to do on Pensacola Beach

On my previous article I written, I talked about where to stay while at . After finding the perfect condo at Pensacola Beach Condo Rental, then i talked about the educated value about Pensacola Beach and what you can do there in that way. In this article, I will talk about all the fun stuff one can do at Pcola Beach from partying until two AM in the morning or finding the perfect place to eat at. 

If you are 1 of the types that eat for the taste and not to eat to survive, then Pensacola Beach is probably one of- if not the best place to try a variety of food from world famous to local eateries. Some examples are Lagunas, Flounders, Crabs, Land Shark, Margaritaville, Grand Marlin, Hooters, Peg Leg Pete’s, and Dog House Deli. A great local place is Dog House Deli; Dog House Deli was established in downtown Pcola in 1977, and right away became a well-known restaurant. It now recently has a place on Pcola Beach where you can try their famous family recipe like Banana Bread Pudding and Red Beans and Rice; and why not try a foot long hot dog with all the topping you want and can imagine on top of it. If you’re more attracted in world famous things in life, then Crabs is the restaurant you need to try while there. Crabs is pretty much known for their…. Yep you said it, crabs; it is one of the top 10 beach eateries in the world! A brand new but well-known franchise that recently became part of Pcola Beach is Margaretville. Within its first hotel ever built, there are two places to eat at that have two completely different atmospheres. Their beach environment restaurant is known by Landshark; it is an outside eatery with a Hawaiian fire place, bar, band area, plenty of games for kids, and a paradise area to relax. Their other restaurant is a strict wear restaurant inside the hotel itself. This place and Grand Marlin are probably the only eateries not to look like you just came from the beach and need to dress to impress, but you will get the best food that money can buy. As you can tell, I can keep going about this topic, but this is making me hungry just talking about it; if you don’t believe me, than come see for yourself.

If you’re interested in partying till the sun comes up, than there are are a lot of amazing bars and clubs to see while you’re staying at Pensacola Beach. Castaways, Captain Fun, Flounders, Bamboo Willies, and The Dock are probably the best clubs to try out. All within the main area of Pcola Beach, these clubs will have your head spinning with excitement while listening to great bands and DJs and meeting new people throughout the night. If you are still a little underage, Capt’n Fun and Castaway are available for eighteen and older crowds on certain days of the week; in fact, anyone of all ages can come to Castaways and enjoy till a particuliar time at night. If you combine these places with a festival, holiday, or even the weekend, you have 2x as much fun. Some of the well-known holidays and festivals are Blue Angel Weekend, De Luna Fest, Bushwhacker Festival, Memorial Day Weekend, and 4th of July weekend. DeLuna Festival is a weekend full of thousands of well known and local singers and bands playing all at Casino Beach; Bushwhacker Festival is a weekend full of drinking till you drop on the boardwalk to the point you can’t even walk because it is so packed; Memorial Day Weekend is the weekend for all the lesbian and gays to go to the beach and do what they do best (if you are straight, do not come); Blue Angel and 4th of July Weekend takes place the same week and it is a ten day weekend of fireworks and planes!

This is just a small number of things you can do at Pcola Beach. I would tell you more, but why don’t you just see for yourself and come. To learn more, come visit me at Pcola Beach and we can have fun together or if you need more information, visit my web site at Beach n Condo or Pcola Beach Condo Rentals. Come see me soon.


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