Some of the fastest roller coasters in the world

Kingda Ka

206 km/h

Fanfare for the victor! World’s most rapid roller-coaster is located in the “Six Flags Stellar Journey” enjoyment park in Jackson, New Jersey, States. It pursuits as a foundation of hydraulic introduce mechanism. The train speeds up from the speed of 0 km/h to among 206 km/h in just 3,5 seconds, hence pulling about 1.67G. The velocity is certainly amazing, nevertheless, it has an displeasing facet make – the take lasts only 28 seconds. The main tower is 139,5m extra tall and right after attaining its top, the exercise goes straight lower 127 meters. Incredible, isn’t it?

Top Thrill Dragster

193 km/h

The fastest one prior to the building of Kingda Ka might be observed in Cedar Direct Park, Sandusky, Ohio. The top of the monitor is situated in the height of 122m and reaching it, the weight train basically falls straight down creating the proper angle to the land. Once doing so roller-coaster was manufactured in 2003, it set five industry records, e.g. most rapid and tallest rollercoaster in the world or one with the best drop. Later on, it is overwhelmed by the nowadays’s champ talked about above.


172 km/h

Doing so roller-coaster, situated in Fujikyu Highland, Kawaguchi Lk, Japan was the quickest and tallest one once they were manufactured in 2001. It facilitates the riders to feel the crushing supremacy of 4,25 G and is till now the roller-coaster using the best acceleration in start time – it reaches the top velocity of 172 km/h in naked 1,8 secs.

Tower of Terror

161 km/h

The Tower of Terror in Dreamworld, Queensland is the initially and only representative of Australia in the top 10 and also the most ancient one – its fabrication was finished in 1997. It is the fastest and tallest roller-coaster on the southern hemisphere. The passenger car accelerates to 161 km in 7 secs and then pitches up vertically to the top of 115m. The persons are weightless through doing so vertical take up, this.e. for regarding 6,5 just a few seconds.

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