Some of the most trustworthy destinations of the world


The initially north European city on the list, Stockholm ranked 4th. Doing so is a bit of a disappointment in fact for the countries of northern Europe are stated to possess among the most affordable criminality percentages all over the world – a narrative states that a guy left his pockets as a bus halt and identified it on the same find two dates later, with all the cash and cards in it.


The 2nd Asian metropolis in the ranking, Mumbai has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Naturally, the poverty does not generate one less honorable.


A different Asian surprise! The cash and second a lot populated metropolis of Philippines shares the fifth rank in doing so “honesty compete against” using Mumbai and New York and beat such rivals as e.g. Helsinki. 24 from 30 residents returned the cell telephone they seen to its who was the owner and therefore supported the good picture of their city and country.


Fifth place is not a bad one for New York – thinking of the number of locals and visitors, point the absolute anonymity one has in the Big Apple, it is in fact remarkable which 4 fifths of this enormous wide variety of people, no make any difference what their nationality or religion, are honest and reliable.


Helsinki is the 2nd and the endure agent of Northern Europe here. Doing so proves which the post-communist international locations (Hungary and Poland) are treading on the heels of their partners from the Developed Europe, which is certainly a good factor to do.


Budapest, the money of Hungary and a in style destination for visitors from close to and far, possesses of a great place in becoming one of the a lot trustworthy cities all over the world.


Even though international students have quite a few talks about Poland and the Poles, especially as to their strong religiosity, jaggedness and greed, the investment of Poland tends to make its way likewise separating the finest and most trustworthy cities.

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