Reality Check: Smokeless Cigarettes Are Helping Cigarette Smokers to Lose Weight And Quit The Habit For Good

Everyone knows that being addicted to cigarettes is harmful for us, yet thousands of people proceed to keep on smoking cigarettes. For some, the allure is just too hard to get rid of, while for other smokers the joys far outnumber the inherent dangers.

Smoking, over many years will more than likely lead to health issues such as, COPD, emphysema, and diabetes. A smoker can also look forward to a limited life expectancy, faster aging process, just to cite a few examples.

But there is great news in this debacle of bad information. There is a way for smokers to keep on smoking cigarettes with a slight little twist. They will be smoking safer with Electronic Cigarettes.

The Solar Cigarette Smokeless Cigarettes are a patent pending brand of E-cigarettes that provide a much safer alternative to regular cigarette smoking. There’s also a vitamin cartridge kit which is included that has been proven to induce weight loss. Many cigarette smokers are afraid to give up this terrible habit for fear of blowing up like a balloon after quitting smoking. Well, they can now put those fears and anxieties aside because this healthy cigarette is the best way to go.

Electric Cigarettes are actually made up of vapors that simulate a real tobacco cigarette, but without the life threatening carcinogens and tar. The solar cigarette, complete with the vitamin pack can and will help a person subdue both challenges all at once – kicking the habit for good and losing weight. It’s now possible to achieve the best of both worlds, and save a boat load of money at the same time. This smokeless cigarette can lead the way for a much safer lifestyle, not to mention a better looking set of lungs. Your most supporting fan will be your doctor when you give him the good news.

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