Glancing at Malaysia Airlines

Have you dreamed about visiting Bangkok or Singapore? Maybe Delhi or Karachi? This certified 5-Star airline (as rated by Skytrax), can take you to the place of your dreams. Regardless of the purpose of your flight – a long-anticipated pleasure trip to an exotic destination, or an important business conference – Malaysia Airlines will make it their goal to exceed your expectations in every area.

Malaysia Airlines had its start as an airline back in the days when the British Empire ruled Malaysia. In 1937, Malaysia Airways, a small airlines in Southeast Asia was formed, and later became the major commercial airlines that it is today. When Malaysia became an independent nation in 1963, the airline’s name became Malaysian Airlines Limited and later, Malaysia Airlines, the name it’s now known by. If you need to travel to anyone of nearly 100 destinations, this airlines can get you there. It doesn’t just travel in Asia, but can take you to Johannesburg, Istanbul, and also European cities as far away as Rome, London or Paris. To become a great airlines, it take years of making transitions, and that is what Malaysia Airlines has done.

The benefits Malaysia Airlines provides for each Class of passenger – Economy, Business, or First Class – is phenomenal to say the least. But, if you travel First Class, be prepared to have a marvelous flight that you will remember long after you reach your destination. Your seats will have plenty of room and privacy, and you’ll be able to sleep on a quilted mattress with large, comfortable pillows. This is great on the longer flights as you can rest and sleep as comfortably as if you were in a grand hotel or in your own bed at home. First Class passengers can enjoy “Chef-on-Call-First, a service that will bring you cuisine to rival that of the finest hotel. You have an extraordinary range of gourmet dishes to choose from, similar to dining in your favorite Malaysian Restaurant. You have a choice of choosing your meals from a Malaysian menu or a Western menu and the choices are different for each departure city. If you are flying out of Kuala Lumpur, for example, you can select Nasi Lemak with Ikan Bilis and Prawn Sambal from the Malaysian menu or, from the Western menu, enjoy Lamb Shank with Rosemary Sauce.

Whenever you find yourself traveling in the Southeast Asia area, you should seriously think about visiting the Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The largest city in Malaysia, and its capital, is Kuala Lumpur, which is a truly cosmopolitan city that should definitely be on your “must visit” list. This city combines a rich cultural history with the modern world. You can see Moorish style architecture in structures such as the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, and nearby stretch your neck to look up at one of the world’s tallest buildings, the 88 story Petronas Towers. If you like to shop and are enamored with Asian designs, Kuala Lumpur can offer you many great buys with that Asian influence. Kuala Lumpur, with all of its diversity, has numerous restaurants and an abundant nightlife that has something for everyone. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, you can get there on Malaysia Flights. There is an island nation, called Phucket, that has attracted lots of beach lovers. There are many islands with beaches in this region, so you can hop from one to another, even the ones that have been seen in movies. If you are looking for the right beach, you will want to check out the 104 islands of Langkawi. You will feel like you found paradise with all of the lush landscapes, and the pristine beaches with blue water. These beach locations are just a few of the destinations that Malaysia Airlines flies into with beaches.

While there are hundreds of airlines in the world, not many have the kind of reputation Malaysia Airlines has for providing the best possible service to every passenger. Of course, flying always has its challenges and there’s never a guarantee that there won’t be a delay or that you won’t encounter a problem, but overall Malaysia Airlines has done a remarkable job at pleasing its growing number of customers.

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