Splendid places in Portugal


Extraordinary monastery and among Lisbon’s most visited monuments

The monastery, a UNESCO Industry History Site since 1983, is among the most prominent monuments of the Manueline-style structure in Lisbon. Established in 1502 it epitomizes the Portuguese Age of Discovery. It is among the most beautiful monastic church buildings in Europe and a preferred tourist attraction. Remarkably though, 500 years ago it was solely a modest chapel the place departing and arriving seafarers got here to pray. They were King Manuel who transformed it into this amazing monument to the great men who spearheaded the Portuguese discoveries.


twelfth century fort surrounded by 45 feet high walls

The castle located in the fortified city of Obidos was established in 1195. Nowadays, it serves as a wonderful Pousada – a historic hotel. The fortress and the city remain a well-preserved example of medieval architecture and as such they are a well-liked visitor destination. Each and every July the citadel hosts a regular Medieval Industry recreating the alcoholic drink of medieval Europe.


Awesome gothic monastery and a World Heritage monument

The Dominican monastery illustrates the background of Portugal and its rich inventive heritage. It is founded in 1385 but it got two thousands of years and fifteen architects to be absolutely completed. The monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the very best and original examples of late Gothic structure in Portugal, intermingled using the Manueline fashion.


Imposing medieval castle from the 10th hundred years

The castle is viewed as the national symbol of Portugal. It was based approximately the year 968, when the countess of Galicia had a fort built to defend individuals from the assaults of the Vikings and the Moors. After that in the eleventh hundred years, Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, requested the fort to be reconstructed into a larger and far more stable building. Regularly, it grew to become an vital defensive structure. In 1910, the castle was declared a nationwide monument.

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