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 For a long time Malaysia Airlines has been flying customers, but only recently has become noticed. As more people travel to Asia for business and pleasure, there’s an increasing demand for high quality service to destinations in this part of the world. Having a reputation for good service and customer support is what it takes to become a prestigious airline, like Malaysia Airlines If you’re curious about Malaysia Airlines and what it offers, this article will help to inform you.

Countless awards have be bestowed upon Malaysia Airlines by the company who is the dominant reviewer of airlines online, Skytrax. The highest award an airline can receive is five stars and this is what Skytrax has awarded to Malaysia Airlines. This isn’t easy to achieve, as it depends on customer satisfaction in many different areas. Most airlines that Skytrax rates received two to four Stars with less than a dozen having received 5 Stars.

Malaysia Airlines has a great reputation for service that extends to all its passengers, but if you choose one of their First Class flights, you’ll really have an exceptional experience. For a good “nights” sleep, avail yourself of their bed tuck-in service. You’ll have the pleasure of sleeping on a quilted mattress with a down-fill duvet and large comfortable pillows. The size and privacy of your seat will ensure you a good rest. To make your sleep compare to that of your own bedroom at home or a high-class hotel, you can slip into the 100% cotton pajamas they provide you. This, of course, makes it possible to sleep without wrinkling your clothes. Another innovative service is called “Chef-on-Call-First.” This feature provides special, gourmet meals that are exclusively for First Class passengers. This new service compares to eating in a high-quality authentic Malaysian Restaurant. You will forget that you are on an airplane. The selections for your meals are numerous and vary according to the airport your at which your flight originates. For example, if you fly out of Sydney, you can choose from Chicken Rendang from the Malaysian menu or Braised Beef Cheeks from the Western menu. This is just a small example.

Don’t pass up a chance to visit the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – the very next time you have a flight scheduled with Malaysia Airlines. Kuala Lumpur has been tagged an “alpha city” – which means a global or world city – and is the capital of Malaysia and also the site of the residence of the King of Malaysia, the Istana Negara. It should certainly be considered as worthy of a visit. Kuala Lumpur is a relatively young city when compared with other cities, such as Bangkok and Manila, but you will find strong cultural influences – Chinese and Malay predominantly – as well as a strikingly modern influence. Kuala Lumpur has a rich architectural mix. You will see old colonial influences, Asian traditions, Malay Islamic inspirations, modern, and postmodern architecture. A great shopping experience, for those who love to shop, can be had in the Bukit Bintang district that contains the largest concentration of shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, as well as well as cafes and restaurants. Kuala Lumpur, with all of its diversity, has numerous restaurants and an abundant nightlife that has something for everyone. Many people have taken Malaysia Flights with the purpose of finding a beach to relax at. Thailand is home to the island nation of Phucket, which is known as a place where people who love beaches come. There are many exotic beaches, some seen in movies, among all of the islands in the region, so you can island hop. If you are looking for the right beach, you will want to check out the 104 islands of Langkawi. The thought of paradise is what you will think about when you spend some time on the beaches of these islands, and look at the blue waters and lush landscapes. These beach locations are just a few of the destinations that Malaysia Airlines flies into with beaches. Convenient flights to many locations and wonderful service is what you will get when you make the choice of Malaysia Airlines. When you are planning to travel across the world, check their schedules, because they go many places outside of Southeast Asia.

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