Popular shopping streets in Germany


 LUDGERISTRASSE in ÐœÜNSTER one can locate a variety of unique shops and cafes. It is a in style road not only amongst the locals but additionally amongst tourists.

MÖNCKEBERGSTRASSE in HAMBURG together with Spitaler Straße are the primary shopping streets in the city center. Since 1909 vehicles and buses have been heading together the road Mönckebergstraße, the Spitaler Straße is a more restful pedestrian locality.

HOHE STRASSE in COLOGNE is 680 m lengthy, runs in between the Wallrafplatz and the street of Hohe Pforte. The origin of the street goes again to historical Roman times. Nowadays, it is among the busiest streets in Germany. The wide variety of goods is amazing.

KIRCHGASSE in WIESBADEN is a well-known shopping road. The rents are regarding 130 EUR per sq meter, which makes them the second most costly soon after Frankfurt in Hessen.

KAROLINENSTRASSE in NURNBERG is situated in the Lorenzer Old Town. It is also the part of a pedestrian locality, symbolizes a great put both for shoppers and groups of friends with small little ones who can look ahead to a variety of attractions.

SPITALER STRASSE in HAMBURG is the fifth busiest road in the country. The pedestrian locality runs parallel to the Mönckebergstraße. The road is empty only when the shops are shut since, as the locals say, buying there is simply fun!

KÖNIGSTRASSE in STUTTGART was established in 1806 and is 1.2 km lengthy. It kisks off at the city railway sta termed Hauptbahnhof Arnulf-Klett-Platz and runs as a pedestrian district southwest to the Rotebühlplatz city center. In the middle of the road there is the Schloßplatz – Palace Sq. using the New and Old Palace and Museum of Art Stuttgart. Stuttgart Stock Exchange has its chair there likewise.

SCHILDERGASSE in COLOGNE. The road is 500 meters lengthy and stretches between Neumarkt and Hohen Straße. The root of the street goes again to the occasions of ancient Rome. Haus Mirrweiler, Goldhofapotheke drug store and Antonienkirche church are the most exhilarating sights there. The most important department stores of the city are to be identified there also.

ZEIL in FRANKFURT. The Zeilgalerie, the greatest buying centre on Zeil, that was opened in 1992, has 10 stories and a special spiral shaped interior, so one can walk the tales without employing stairs or escalators. Zeil is the proper option for shopping.

KAUFINGERSTRASSE in MUNICH constituted in 1239, is one of the oldest streets in Munich. With each other with Neuhauser Straße, it belongs to the most famous buying street in the city. The Kaufingerstraße borders on the west with Marienplatz and ends at the intersection Färbergraben / Augustinerstraße.

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