Pt A: What can you do at Pcola Beach

Once you find the perfect place to stay at Pcola Beach Condo Rental; now you just need to figure out toto do while you are at Pcola Beach. Whether you are just relaxing on our world famous white sandy beaches, learning more about your U.S. History, studying the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, partying hard at a club, or trying some of the most unique restaurants, there is something here for anybody.

One thing you can do is learn more about our US History. Since we’re the 1st city ever to be made in America, our city history goes back FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! In fact, last year (2010) was our city 500th anniversary. Another place you can check is “The Cross”; not only, is it a great spot to surf, but it’s also the 1st place where the Spaniard landed in the U.S.. Another good place to visit is Fort Pickens. Made during the Civil War, Fort Pickens and Fort McRee were going to be the start of the Civil War but the disease of mosquitoes with Malaria prevent the battle from happening. We also recently found sunken Spanish Ships demolished by a hurricane when the city of Pensacola was abandon. The ironic part is that we didn’t know they were there until they were uncovered by a hurricane.

If American History just isn’t your cup of tea, there is also your choice of science. As you might have heard, we did have the worse oil spill our nation have ever seen on the Gulf Coast, but from the help of government aid, Coast Guard, many great ideas, and locals, we were able to save the Gulf beauty and many of our beaches. Some things you are able to look at Pcola Beach are the hatchling sites of local birds and baby sea turtles all across the miles of beaches that cover the Gulf Coast. There are many man made reefs near Pcola Beach to scuba dive or visit to look at all the exotic fish and life down at the bottom of the Gulf. Some examples are new founded Spanish Ship that came at the time of our city birth or the USS Oriskany (“The Mighty O”). If you have children and want to give them learning experience about science during summer vacation, then you need to take your kids to the Little Sabine to discover all the sea creatures they can catch like baby sharks, crabs, pinfish, shrimp, hermit crabs, needle-nose fish, and even sea horses.  Intererest in study of fishing,then this is where you want to be! No matter where you go, there a fishing spot just for you!

This is only a scratch on what you can do at Pcola beach. Science and History make up a lot about our wonderful beaches, but most people are here to get away from all that and just relax and try something new for a change, and my next blog will show you just that. To learn more about Pcola beach, just go to one of my internet site at Beach n Condos or Pcola Beach Condos Rental.


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