Details and Characteristics of Skywest Airlines

Not everyone is familiar with Skywest Airlines, but they’ve been providing regional service to many American cities for almost four decades now. Skywest has been able to increase the areas it serves by partnering with various other regional airlines. Skywest can make your air travel more convenient if you want to travel around the Western states. This includes Colorado, California, and Utah. The following information on this innovative airline may help you plan your next trip.

One of the mottos of Skywest Airlines is “safety first,” and they’ve done a good job at living up to this. For example, it’s a point of pride that they have never been cited for any fatal accidents during their over thirty years of flying. And, overall, their accident rate is incredibly low. Their fleet of aircraft is exceptionally reliable and up-to-date. These aircraft, which are inspected at the minimum of one time each week, include: Brasilia EMB120 ER, Canadair Regional Jet 900, Canadair Regional Jet 700 ER, and the Canadair Regional Jet 200. Even though statistics bear out the fact that it is 32 times safer to fly in an airplane than to be in a car, a lot of people remain unconvinced. Be that as it may, it still stands to reason that it’s much wiser to fly with a regional airline because not only is it safer, it’s a lot faster.

If you have a reservation for a Skywest Airlines flight, it’s a good idea to stay posted on flight information ahead of time to make sure everything is on schedule. This is just standard practice and is what you should always do when you are planning any air travel.

However, when looking for flight information about Skywest flights, or when checking in, you should go to the website of the partner airline, not Skywest directly. So Delta Airlines’ website would be the place to go, even if your ticket is for Skywest Airlines, in a case where Skywest is running the flight on the behalf of Delta Airlines. The same is true for any customer service you may need, such as flight information or any changes you may have to make.

While eying a way to fly cheaply, regardless of whether or not you fly with Skywest Airlines, there are a few methods to get there. Oftentimes the Skywest partners will list assorted vacation packages and good deals. One can enter a well known site for travel in which you can give the date of arrival and departure as well as the destination choice, then receive the most cost effective flights listed. When it comes to finding a bargain, there’s really no one airline that’s best; it’s a question of finding out who’s running the best deal to where you want to go on that day. Provided you need a rental car or perhaps a hotel, it is possible to occasionally find a deal that encompasses both of these.

Our focus in this report is to show you that you can count on Skywest Airlines. When it comes to delivering regional flight choices to their customers, they have done a great job over the past few decades. The larger commercial airlines can conveniently take you to the major airports in, for example, Atlanta, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Chicago, but they sometimes don’t fly to the small, regional airports. Along with its affiliated carriers, Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet, Skywest Airlines is able to fill in many of the gaps for people who want to fly into airports in smaller cities.

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