Great national parks in the world

FIORDLAND Nationa Park, NEW ZEALAND with magnificent fjords and boat-trips. The main attraction is Milford Acoustic but students have 14 various fjords that generate doing so Park a good must-see spot.


GALAPAGOS National National park, ECUADOR using its clear-blue ocean and wonderful panorama is a heaven for unique animals wildlife that might be viewed nowhere else in the world.


TIKAL National Park, GUATEMALA  exploring the Mayan Heritage. Nestled into the strong jungles, the great ruins of Maya settlement, that dates back to regarding 250 – 900 AD, are full of amazing architecture, temples and versatile animals.


SWISS National Park, SWITZERLAND a lot known for its mystical Alps. The Swiss Nationwide National park was proven in 1914 and is well-rounded of substantial wide variety of impressive animals enjoy chamois, ibex, dog eagles and bearded vultures. Rivers, snow-topped peaks and Alpine valleys provide character at its best.


MACHU PICCHU HISTORIC SANCTUARY, Peru the most famous travel vacation spot in The country of peru for years. No make any difference how many times you happen to get pleasure from the historical sites, the voyage in the Inca trail often carries an air of excitement, adventure and mystery. Explore the Andes at their best.


YELLOW DRAGON SCENIC AREA, China Calcium sediment which produces the phantasm of a golden retriever dragon is the residence to a adorable Giant Panda – the picture which stages for WWF. Yellow Dragon Scenic Place is a differentiated ecosystem using waterfalls, hot spgs, primeval forests and snow-tipped hilltops where endangered species prefer Sichuan gold-nosed monkey and Giant Panda live.


IGUAZU National Park, ARGENTINA is the Industry Heritage Site includes among the most spectacular fairs in Brazil and Argentina. Exceptional waterfalls which are over 70 meters elevated and 1500 meters large are a shelter for South The states’s finest fauna. The scenery on surrounding subtropical forests produce an occurence which in no way leaves you untouched.


SAGARMATHA Nationa Park, NEPAL, place elevated in the gorgeous Himalayas, the Sagarmatha National National park in Nepal includes three of the world’s ten best peaks (Mount Everest included), the glaciers (two of them being up to 3 mile long and very deep), breath-taking valleys shaped by untouched snow-filled terrain. The Sagarmatha National National park is UNESCOs World Tradition Site.


KAKADU National Park, AUSTRALIA is located in Australia’s Northern Territory. This standard Australian Outback is one of the few locations which are listed as a Industry Tradition Site both for its normal and cultural importance. The park is larger than 3.2 million acres and incorporates some regular domains of Aboriginal people. The marvelous South Alligator River, coastal seashores, monsoonal rainforests and billabongs make Kakadu National Park a site worth discovering.


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