Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are more prevalent than before, stats show 25 – 40% of all romantic relationships among students attending colleges across the US are long distance . Recent survey results have illustrated approximately 3 million people in the US alone are in a long distance relationship . Many wouldn’t know what the term means, it can also be known as LDR, an abbreviated version of the term ‘long distance relationship’ which means being in a relationship with someone who is considerably far away .

One cause of how ‘long distance relationships’ have become more well-known these days could be explained by the emergence of online dating agencies. People who work full time find it difficult to find a sense of balance, which leaves them losing out on a lot of leisure activities outside work.

Online dating agencies have become extremely popular for guys who lack the time or confidence to go out to find his Miss Right . These sites offer the user the chance to browse through the membership base for a partner who is similar in terms of interest and hobbies . This has caused flight numbers to rise during summer and winter months, it could be caused by individuals booking their flights to Rome for the summer months .

It is advised to be strong minded when departing from your partner, as it could well be another year or more until you next meet. It is probably one of the hardest parts of being in a long distance relationship when you board your Faro flights or wherever the destination is.

Those who have experienced long distance relationships would agree that to maintain such relationship both parties must establish a deep trust in each other, be compassionate and most importantly make time for each other . Sacrifices must be made for the relationship to be successful.

However, don’t be downhearted about it as there are now more internet tools to narrow the gap between you and your loved one . New communication tools online can allow the user to speak to their partners, it provides the user with streaming video with live sound which can be a very encouraging. This can be a viable option to adopt until your next time you see her whether it be cheap flights to Barcelona or Japan .


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