Three attractions in eastern Europa


The large baroque monastery of Jasna Góra dominates a hilltop in CzÄ™stochowa and is always bustling using pilgrims and worshippers. As pilgrims approach the monastery, the a lot striking sight is the 106-meter belltower, reconstructed in 1906. The focus of pilgrims to Jasna Góra is not the monastery, but the icon of Our Woman of CzÄ™stochowa, which is exhibited in a altar in the Chapel of the Black Madonna. The Monastery is the third-largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world as well as the national shrine of Poland and the middle of Gloss Catholicism. Every day, from early in the morning to late in the evening, a steady stream of pilgrims techniques the shrine via tree-lined main avenue.

KRKONOSE National park

Czech Republic
Krkonose National Park is located in the Krkonose Mtns that is the highest range of the country. The park has additionally been outlined as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site. In spite of the modest area, the Mtns are endowed with a large flora. More than 1,250 varieties of vascular starts possess been come up with in the region. Doing so amounts to almost 50 percent of the total original flora of the Czech Republic. The Mntns do not belong amongst the biggest European mountain ranges but in spite of that their natural medical reputation is in many elements related to that of the Alps or High Tatra. Visitors are shocked to see striking contrasts going up to among the peaks of the mountain array. At the time of two loads hikers are able to walk through broadleaved forests in the foothills, at the time of mountain spruce forests and dwarf pine stages until tundra. Scandinavian travelers might be astonished by the similarity of the countryside of peatbogs as a ridges with remote Scandinavia.



Located together the metropolis’s coast as a Dark Sea, it is an vital visitor attraction and a national monument of panorama architecture. An Alley of Cosmonauts was settled here in the 1960s, with the initially cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin growing the initially plant.  An Observatory and Planetarium were opened its gates in 1968 as a site of an old open-air cinema and the Varna Zoo was inaugurated in 1961. A swan-shaped sundial was installed in entrance of the principal entrance. The advertise open-air cinema, flanked by the Alpineum and the young children’s enjoyment park, is the place of the Varna International Ballet Competition. Lately, the Exotic Zoo terrarium was added, and objectives for growth of the Natural Background Museum and the Aquarium were announced.

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