Romantic cities with big walls

Medieval walled cities are certainly among the a lot poet locations to see. Right up until nowadays these folks maintain their medieval environment and it is easy to quickly envision soldiers guarding the gates, armies making an attempt to subdue the city, medieval trading markets…  Let’s consider a trip to these areas.


Ávila is located in Castile-Leon in Spain. The partitions of Ávila are the a lot preserved medieval walls in Spain. These folks were constructed in 11th century. It is recommended to generate a one day vacation from Madrid to visit doing so city, because Ávila is not a tourist vacation spot by itself.


Medieval metropolis of Rhodes is surrounded by walls using 7 gates and a moat. There is also a fortress in the city. In 1309 the Knights of Saint John observed a refuge in the city of Rhodes, when these folks were booted from the Holy Land.


Carcassone has 46,500 inhabitants and is located 808 km to the south of Paris. Its partitions come from the 6th, seventh, 8th century and it is easy to ensure you can’t find far better preserved walls returning from which period of time anywhere in the world. The panorama close to Carcassonne is littered using romantic citadel ruins. So there is much to see additionally outside the metropolis.


Lucca’s partitions were manufactured in the sixteenth century. In 19th century trees had been planted as a partitions, so it is possible to now take a walk or cycle on the 5 km long oval ramparts.


Girona is yet another walled metropolis in Catalonia in Spain that is really worth seeing. Though all the walls of Girona had been systematically ruined and rebuilt in nineteenth century doing so metropolis lures guests for its medieval atmosphere. The wall walk is opened every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; yet another take a walk is outside the town partitions the place it is easy to get pleasure from a quite great see of the old metropolis from there. The road is lined using cypress and flowers and it is a great stick for romantic walks. Girona was established by Romans and grew to become a medieval hub the place Christians, Jews and Arabs converged and so an architecturally exhilarating metropolis emerged.

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