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Situated in the eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Cyprus. It is a land of storied history, scrumptious food, and unbeatable weather. Settlers first established communities in the 2nd millennium BC, making Cyprus one of the first areas on earth to begin a civilization.

One of the earliest settlements, not only on Cyprus but in the annals of history, is Choirokoitia. UNESCO had designated Choirokoitia a World Heritage Site, further attesting to its significance in human history. Remarkably well-preserved upon discovery, the town has been faithfully restored in order to fully experience prehistoric life on Cyprus. Also receiving World Heritage List status are ten painted churches possessing vibrant frescoes that exemplify Byzantine art at its finest. You may also delve into the depths of the Tombs of the Kings which are carved out of Cyprus’s solid rock landscape.

Any vacation worth its salt requires a sampling of local cuisine. Due to its proximity to the Turkish mainland and its history of Greek settlers, Cypriot food enjoys a unique blend of ingredients found in Greece, the Middle East, and Asia Minor. Many of the recipes full of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, wine, and of course olive oil have been passed down from generation to generation, so even the food of Cyprus is steeped in history. Accompany your delicious meal with a locally distilled wine. Wine has played a major role in the Cypriot economy nearly as long as people have dwelt on the island, and Commandria, a very sweet wine, is considered to be one of the first wines in the world to be identified. If you want a little more kick, try Zivania, a wine that is nearly pure alcohol.

You are surely looking at the Mediterranean as a vacation spot due to the beaches and crystalline water found there. The beaches of Cyprus are ideal places for sunbathing and playing amongst the waves. Not many places on the planet can boast such a wonderful climate, making Cyprus a popular destination for swimming vacationers. If swimming and soaking up rays simply is not enough, you can find plenty of locations that offer windsurfing and sailing year round. Add to this snorkeling and deep water fishing and you have every marine delight you could want.

There is something on Cyprus for everyone. From the crystalline beaches to the painted churches, it is a land full of history and culture. You can experience it for yourself by planning a trip today.

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