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Everyone uses a bag almost everyday .  Bags are one of the best things, because they can be used for a purpose as well as be make a statement.  They can be a perfect accessory, as well just what you need to carry your belongings.  When ever I need a new bag or am buying a new bag for someone the first place I always go to is Bag You .  They are the Finest place when it comes to buying bags .  They are a small business that focuses on having great customer service .  Their website is excellent and features some of the best bag companies in the world .  They feature bags from Baggalini, High Sierra, Kata, Alicia Klein, McKlein, and Claire Chase.  These are just a few of the many brands featured on Bag You .  This will be a quick look at Bag You, and a few of the products that I have owned and loved. 

The thing I enjoy most about Bag You is their selection .  They seriously have the biggest selection of bags that I have ever seen anywhere .  They have handbags, totes, backpacks, business bags, laptops, luggage, tailgate, wallet, duffel, sports, and carry-on bags.  They have every kind of bag known to man.  The volume of brands they have is also ridiculous!  And in spite of the volume of bags they have their site is so easy to use, and fun!

 One of the bag company’s that I personally adore is Kata.  They are a camera bag company .  I love theses just because I am a photographer myself, and these are the finest bags for the job.  I recently bought a Kata camera bag for a friend, and he loved it!  When it comes to protecting your equpiment Kata will not let you down .  So if you are a photographer yourself check Kata bags out, because they are the best.  So go and check out Bag You for yourself! 

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