Minangkabau is the ethnic that has different culture

Minangkabau is the ethnic which has distinct culture with most of ethnic in the world especially in Indonesia. From culture till the food has special design.
Minangkabau is one of matrilineal family system. They take the blood partnership from the mom’s line. Each individuals which is created as the individuals of Minang kabau possess closest relation ship with mother’s family. These folks assume that mom is the crucial component in Rumah Gadang (the basic home of Minangkabau individuals). So mom (often called as Bundo Kanduang) has crucial function in maintaining the stability of ethnic. Bundo Kanduang is one of character that can produce fresh and crisp environment in kaum (the modest component of ethnic).
One of creation of Bundo Kanduang is food, food is crucial. Without eat food people can not produce the nutritious and intelligent individuals in Minang Kabau. There are many foods which are made by Bundo Kanduang (ladies) in Minangkabau, from the every day food or occasion super food (super food that is forced in the big even, those idul fitri etc).
One of the unique foods is Sarundeng, doing so super food is made from yam which is fry and seasoning with the normal year or so like onion, chili etc. the procedure of producing it is so easy, the ingredients are sweet potato (you can develop it based on your style), onion, oil, sodium, celery, if required it is possible to add ROIKO or SASA for generate it scrumptious.Ref: Bali Villas
In spite of, it is labeled as the synonyms super food. Not all the folks can and need to generate it. The procedure of producing it is quite easy; your youngsters can generate it if they wish. The sweet potato does not want put at the rear of the sun shine. You want fry it in several instances and once the shade of the yam tweak turn out to be a old yellow-colored it implies that the Sarundeng is currently to serve. Just before which you want mix the various chemicals so you get delightful taste of Sarundeng.Ref: Villas in Bali
Don’t worry, if you need to generate it and you do not know the approach of producing it, it is easy to come to my home and take pleasure in the style of original Sarundeng from Minang Kabau Ref: Bali Luxury Villas 

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