Top Restaurants in Europe

There are a lot of spectacular restaurants in Europe; traditional food is served in around the cities, so if you are a food lover you will enjoy it a lot. Those who have already booked flights out to Europe should most definitely pay a visit to some of its top restaurants . Without a doubt you will want to find a suitable place when you are there, and to be frank, there will be a wide variety of choice for you . I personally believe if one wants a real taste of European food, they should definitely visit a high-end restaurant .

People who have already booked their cheap flights to Paris, need to pay a visit to the famous 58 Tour Eiffel . Located on the first floor of the majestic Eiffel Tower, the locations boasts a wonderful view of the surroundings and is said to have one of the best restaurant views in Paris . With the interior design being top notch, the food matches and compliments the restaurant’s image . Definitely a must visit in my book .

In most great cities there is often great food to go with, whilst many would not necessarily agree that this is always true, Rome definitely possess both of these qualities . The city at the surface is recognised for its great building structures and colourful surrounding landscapes, but it’s restaurants and food are rich in culture and extremely worth visiting. Moreover, there is a great restaurant called The Ristorante Mirabelle which is located next to the Green Park of Villa Borghese and caters for great traditional food . You can have a European style high tea there and feel the summer breeze whilst enjoying the magnificent view. If this is what you want then hurry and purchase your cheap flights to Rome!If you are still pondering on where to go, why not try out Barcelona . During your time there, you should dine at a restaurant called “Vinya Roel”; it is situated in the city centre and is easily accessible . Barcelona is a top city and many who have been often book flights to Barcelona again and, because they simply fall in love with the city.

For those who will be visiting the restaurants mentioned, remember to make reservations!

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