Kicking a Ball Overseas

Football has been one of the most popular and appreciated sport in England for many years . Believe it or not, there is evidence that soccer was played in universities and schools all over the country dating way back to the year 1581 . Football has grown and developed rapidly in modern times so that it’s accepted by people worldwide . Most British player’s dream of taking Rome flights to play European oppositions. There are only a handful of player’s in the UK who have European experience on the field, but now that has changed with more up-and-coming tour services available .

In secondary school, most students are encouraged to take part in sports and the majority favour football, as a result there have been a lot of leagues and tournaments set up at a domestic level for the player’s to represent their school or team . In other cases, teams created outside of the schools get to compete in their own private league, most catering for traditional 11 aside and 5 aside power leagues .

There are institutions that are dedicated in creating opportunities to play tournaments abroad so that players can get a feel of European football. These services are good for the youth development in the football sector as many will gain invaluable experience on and off the pitch . For example, cheap flights to Barcelona can be prearranged for the player’s during the summer as part of a package, this could include the coach travels and hotel stay . In the past very few young player’s got the chance to play abroad, little have had the European exposure they need to further develop their careers as professionals .

The fixture list can vary depending which tour service you choose, but generally there is a fixture guide which enables your team to know what destinations you’ll be playing in . It could be you’ll play in France for one week and Germany in another . The tour packages offered by the institution often book all the appropriate flights for your party, flights to Paris or flights out to any other European countries will all be sorted out so you don’t need to stress or worry !


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