Caravan Holidays In France

France is particularly varied, it is a country with a wealth of landscape, local distinctiveness all with their own special joie de vivre defined by historic and cultural variations.  France truly is a state that deserves time to be looked at well.  Very magical and extremely stimulating, France has a variety of caravan experiences for vacationers all over.  There is a vast variety of alternatives available to you in a country just a hop across the sea, that you can go on a passage that rivals other holiday experiences.

Through the past centuries, France’s mark on western development has left an indelible sign in numerous spheres and French ”savoir faire” remains an authority in the arts, politics, gastronomy, fashion and science.  Since the second World War, French society has undertaken great revolutions. Whilst before one person in three were employed inn farming, nowadays this one person in sixteen. During the same time period, strict religious observance (in the main Catholic) declined approximately at the same rate.

This new era ushered in such transformations in social behavior as the increased acceptance of the practice of unmarried couples cohabiting and legalized abortion. After the student riots of 1968, the situation the female sex have tremendously improved and many social organizations became less limiting for everybody.

With this modern progressive outlook, it is easy to understand why France is the top Continental holiday destination for British vacationers.   Yet with the still strong demand for cheap flights and the growing price of petrol, travelling on one of the English Channel ferry is still a strong option for the self-catering vacationer.   If you have a new caravan or have bought a pre-owned one from a caravan sale France is just one of the most culturally rich and beautiful nations to stay in, and if you journey there with your touring caravan you would be hard pressed to find a  convenient way of visiting the country.   You are not restricted to one particular spot, you simply drive to anywhere you wish to go and you can stay at one of the various caravan parks in the country.

An favoured destination in France is that of Brittany.  It has over 20 beautifully situated caravan sites for you to choose from. The Brittany coastline is the longest in France and offers model panorama for caravanning.  A mystical place with a rich ancient historical tradition, its enormous standing stones can be toured at Belz and Carnac. Pont-Aven, an old market town has long attracted painters that include Gaugin, while Quimper is known for its ceramics. With 9 magnificent cathedrals and beautiful chateaux, Brittany’s beautiful architecture should be top of your list of sights to see.

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