Vacation Essentials When You Travel to Israel

Israel is a small, lovely country in the Middle East. It is bordered by various nations such as: Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Visa Details

Traveling to Israel from the United States or other Western country? You probably won’t have to get a visa prior to entry into Israel. Also  included on this ruling is Argentina, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Japan and a few others. It should be noted though, that if you are a German citizen born prior to January 1, 1928, you are required to fill an application for a visa to travel to Israel before entering the country.

Official Vocabulary

The formal languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic, but don’t worry! English is not only comprehended by a lot of locals, but you would be surprised to discover that it is also spoken all over the country. In the larger cities, street, freeway and establishment markers could be found in English and Hebrew or Arabic.

Official Breaks and the Sabbath

Once you travel to Israel, it is essential to remember the Jewish calendar and the festivals in mind. This is because activities in the country can take a break depending on the holiday or festival being celebrated. Holidays also include public transportation.

Also important to observe is the Sabbath, which happens in between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday. Throughout the Sabbath, there is no train transportation or bus service in Israel (except in very few places). You need to be prepared to drive a car by yourself or hail a taxi otherwise, buckle down until the Sabbath has ended.

Photography Limitations

When you travel to Israel, be aware of the photo limitations. Taking pictures is strictly forbidden at the Western Walls throughout the Sabbath and on certain holidays. There are also limitations regarding photographing army installations and police stations. Quite a few spiritual folks of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths do not like having their photos taken, especially when these folks are praying.

With so much to see and do, it is ideal to fix your itinerary early prior to you travel to Israel to make sure that you maximize your time you will be spending there.

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