Top Tips For Those Who Want To Take Their Pets On A Plane

You may have some questions as to how the process works if you are planning on taking a pet on a flight with you. Well the great thing about this is that it should not be very stressful to fly with a pet provided you have taken care of all the preparatory work beforehand. The tips below should help anyone who is planning to take their pet on a flight with them.


– If you are thinking of taking your pet with you on a flight then you will have to plan well in advance. There may be a lot of work involved depending on where you are flying because there are some destinations where a pet passport is not recognised or maybe you don’t have a pet passport. You will probably have more planning to do if you have never travelled with your pet before.


– The pet policy of the airline you want to fly with will have to be investigated by you. Each airline will have different rules that will apply so you need to know what they are before you travel.


– If your pet is under two months old then you would not be allowed to take it on a plane as this would be considered to be animal cruelty. If your pet is going to be accompanying you on a flight then they need to be at least weaned.


– It is best if you can choose a direct flight to your destination than your pet needing to be transferred between different flights.


– It is important that a dog gets enough exercise before a flight especially if you are taking a long haul flight.


– There are risks associated with taking animals on planes. You should make a point of finding out about these risks and then doing everything that you can to avoid them. Most pets do make the journey without any adverse effects.


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