Kebyar Duduk – The Sitting Dance in Bali

By 1919 the model of Kebyar was correctly established. The King of Tabanan, who dished up furthermore as the Dutch regent for his province, sent for a Kebyar orchestra (from North Bali) in that yr to perform at an important cremation. Ref: Bali Villas

In the viewers was a youthful and truly gifted dancer, I Nyoman Mario, who was quite a few amazed by what he learned and who undertook to generate further the chances for dance in a new style. His wonderful contribution was ready in 1925, once he launched Kebyar Duduk for the major time.

Mario took the concept of playing the terompong (an past instrument) in virtuoso procedure for the duration of the effectivity and formulated a flashy style of having fun with the instrument, with whirling sticks and flourishing gestures. He had to squat at the rear of the instrument to be capable to play it, and this suggested that the complete compound may carried out in a sitting (duduk) place. Ref: Bali Luxury Villas

He took the outfit from Kebyar Legong, having said that to maneuver in a squatting place he had to sustain up the prepare with one hands as he transferred and this turned the hallmark of the boogie. The temper of Kebyar Duduk is set by the music, and the dancer functions in close co-ordination with all the gamelan to interpret its shifting colors.

A lot of of the fundamental poses, gestures and lengthier key phrases of movement possess been tailored from Legong, but they possess been produced extra intricate, more elaborate, and more artificial.

In Kebyar Duduk there is no pantomime whatever, and the narrative element is absent. The dancing is set to a solitary musical mix which lasts for possibly twenty minutes. The dance progresses via a sequence of moods of an idealized Balinese adolescence who’s simply on the point of reaching entire maturity. He depicted a gamut of emotions, ranging from fairly sweet flirtatiousness to bashfulness, melancholy and indignant bravado. Ref: Bali Villas

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